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Steps to Nail the Pastel Goth Look: The Pastel Goth Guide

Paint your style pastel with this guide.


Recently, countless aesthetics and styles have emerged. The onset of Tumblr and Instagram culture has helped fashion enthusiasts experiment with their looks and to spread it around.

Many aesthetics like the grunge aesthetic, dark academia, baddie, vintage, and others deal with the more subtle shades of the palette like brown and white. Even though the pastel goth aesthetic involves the brighter shades, it reflects darker themes.

Pastel goth aesthetic is one of its kind with its vivid shades and complex designs. It is something deeper than just contemporary fashion themes.

This article will help you get a better understanding of this and bring you closer to the aesthetic of your dreams!

What is the Pastel Goth Aesthetic?

Imagine the vibrant pastel-colored hair, the fishnet, choker necklaces, and off-beat, creative makeup. If you’ve imagined it all, you have already understood the basics of the pastel goth aesthetic!

To understand it deeper, this style is a combination of the dark goth aesthetic from the West and the cute Kawai aesthetic from the East. This makes the aesthetic a combination of the gothic and striking beauty.

This aesthetic, to us, focusses on the feminine elements of the punk or goth culture. Inky outfits with quirky accessories and makeup will definitely make you feel extraordinary.

The Pastel Goth Culture

The Pastel Goth culture became popular through the famous app, Tumblr. This culture is not to be associated with a gothic culture that is about literature, music, and also revolves around darker themes.

Pastel Goth is more about fashion and immersing oneself in the land of pastel colors, gothic accessories, and your own miniature world of self-acceptance and love.

Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Pastel Goth

There are a few steps that you need to follow or maybe recreate your own, to get the pastel goth look on point.

Get Inspiration From Your Favorite Pastel Goth Page.

Before you delve into this new fashion, search up some Pastel Gothic models on Instagram. This is your time to reconsider if you really wish to be a part of this culture.

There are a lot of pastel goth outfit inspiration ideas as well as Youtubers to give you a clear idea of this whole aesthetic.

Now, if your heart says yes, then go ahead! Check out the #Pastelgoth on Instagram, Tumblr, or even Pinterest and get the dose of gothic inspiration to begin this newritual.

Ride Or Dye: The Hair Look

The hair is one of the major distinguishing factors between the goth aesthetic and the pastel goth aesthetic. The goth aesthetic involves everything dark and mysterious.

 On the other hand, the pastel goth aesthetic pulls you out of your comfort zone, challenges you to try new hair-colors or wigs, and brings out your individuality.

Here are a few colors to dye the knot with the Pastel Goth aesthetic!

  1. Pastel pink – Get the cotton candy beauty with this color.
  2. Pastel violet – Bring out your inner unicorn with the shades of violet and pink.
  3. Pastel green – Look more than just cute with this color.
  4. Pastel blue – Wear all your blues proudly.
  5. Split colors – If you are indecisive you can choose any two of your favorite colors!

Now, if you want to go all out, dye your hair in distinct colors and flaunt those beautiful, vivid ombre shades layering your hair.

Wear Your Darkness: The Basic Pastel Goth Outfits Guide

The pastel half of this aesthetic centers more on cutesy shades and colors but the gothic side demands dark and gutsy outfits.

The ensemble is usually made up of:

  • Dark tops

Wear your black/white tops with floral or skull designs, quotes written with gothic fonts, or anything that radiates spookiness.

  • Skirts

You can pair up your crop tops with short neon/dark-colored skirts and get the spookily cute look.

  • Fishnet stockings

To glam up your look, get those fishnet stockings, and show off your amazing legs.

  • Corsets

If you’re into the vintage pastel gothic look, corsets are probably your thing.

  • Sweatshirts

Bright colored and patterned sweatshirts are the perfect outfit choice to pull off this aesthetic in the winters.

So, buy that sweatshirt with eerie designs or graphics and you’re good to go.

  • Patterned stockings or leggings

Fishnet stockings might not be everyone’s thing but don’t worry because you can always wear black stockings or pants.

To get more flamboyant, get patterned and vibrant stockings and flaunt them!

Accessorize to Finalize the Look

The Pastel Goth aesthetic is not just about the outfits but also about the accessories.

You can try out skull designed necklaces, chokers or crosses, belts or harnesses, or even a bunch of bracelets to give you the gothic look you deserve!

For hair accessories, you can buy animated pins, a flower tiara, and braid your hair in a punky style.

Gothic purses are the best to carry when you go out. It can be a unicorn or Hello Kitty themed. Whatever you choose, it should have the pastel gothic element to it.

There’s no limit to choosing your accessories. The punkier it is, the better.

Show off Your Creativity With Makeup

If you have creative makeup skills, this aesthetic will help you show it off. Makeup is an enormous part of the pastel gothic aesthetic. Check out these makeup tips.

  1. Apply thick eyeliner.
  2. Dark shades of lipstick
  3. Heavy false eyelashes
  4. Vivid eyeshadow
  5. Thick unibrow

Be the Princess in Shining Stilettos

If Cinderella hadn’t forgotten her heels she wouldn’t have become a queen. Now, for footwear.

Find spiky heels or neon shoes, dark-colored or the pastel-colored, and follow in the footsteps of pastel gothic!

Tattoo Your Style in the Hearts of the People

Piercings and tattoos will enhance your style. Be bold, fearless, with piercings and tattoos.

Just follow these steps and you are on your way to becoming the perfect pastel goth queen.

Oh and don’t forget to flip your rainbow hair because now you are ready to rule!

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